About The Glen Allen Golden Doodle Home

Hi, there! My name is John Jess. My wife and I, along with our two children, Kayla and Shanda, are the proud owners and operators of the Glen Allen Golden Doodle Home. We’re a family breeder in the truest sense and have made it our mission from day one to help other families choose their next K9 family member.. 

As you begin your search for the perfect Goldendoodle puppy , we want to share with you our passion for these beautiful, intelligent, fun-loving animals and help you choose a puppy that you’ll be proud to call a family member for years to come. 

My passion for becoming a dog breeder began as a young child growing up on my family’s farm in central Illinois, where I spent my days with our Blue Heeler named Lazzie. She was a kind, loving, loyal, gentle friend whom I truly loved. Every time Lazzie would welcome a new litter of puppies, I would be thrilled. I spent my summer holidays watching her carefully tend to all her many young puppies, raising them with nothing but love and her God-given instincts. These fond memories and happy days spent growing up with Lazzie, and her pups are some of the most precious and happiest I remember.

After I was married and my eldest daughter Kayla was born, I began thinking about all the wonderful childhood memories and the countless hours I spent playing with my loyal, gentle, loving friend, Lazzie, once again. I knew in my heart that I wanted my children to have the same wonderful experience of a loving, loyal K9 friend.

After many conversations, my wife and I decided that the Jess family was ready to grow and add another member – a furry K9 member! But we had a ton of questions.

  • What breed would be a good fit for our family?
  • What type of dogs had temperaments we could trust with our young children?
  • What kind of a dog made the best companion?

But, most important of all…

  • Where could we find a reputable, honest breeder that we could trust?

The choice was easy, and soon after, with the wonderful help of our local veterinary clinic’s canine reproduction and canine welfare specialists, we decided to raise our first litter of Miniature Goldendoodles!

Our very first littler of Goldendoodle puppies were so well received and so loved by all that we wanted to bring even more quality family pets to people who desired them. The success and reviews of first litter helped us expand to offer more litters and varieties, including Bernedoodle puppies! Over the years, we have gained a wealth of experience and provided puppies to amazing families everywhere. Because of our commitment to excellence with the breed, high health standards, and hands-on approach to socialization, we have a family business that keeps growing and customers who keep coming back.

We know how difficult it can be for families to find trustworthy Goldendoodle breeders  that put their animals’ health and the breed’s quality first, so we have worked long and hard to become that trustworthy breeder for you and families everywhere. Our mission is to assist you with your search by not only being extremely transparent in our practices, personal in our communication, and reliable with our standards, but by providing superior quality Goldendoodle and Glen Allen Golden Doodle Home that are healthy, socialized from day one, and the perfect family companion.